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2024 United Way Community Builder Award Recipient.

Ottawa's premier business platform which brings together diverse entrepreneurs, high-achieving professionals, and business enthusiast to redefine and amplify everything that is possible.So come and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience where connections are made on a deeper level. Prepare to be inspired, indulge in extraordinary encounters, and witness the power of combining passion with purpose. This is more than just a networking event; it's a celebration of creativity, ambition, and the limitless possibilities that lie within us all.

A Community Of Success.

Our professional community consists of driven entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and thought leaders dedicated to growth, collaboration, and building strong relationships in business. Designed to empower, inspire, and connect growth mindsets.

Community Economic Development.

Community building and economic development are at the heart of everything we do, as we aim to strengthen local economies and improve the well-being of our communities. Drive positive change and unlock unprecedented opportunities for your business and your community.

A Curated Experience.

Experience first-class business event production. Where our spaces ignite creativity, entertainment pleases the soul, and an ambiance that fuels imagination. We set the bar high for meaningful conversations and unforgettable experiences."RÄNDĀ VO͞O may just be Ottawa’s hottest business-networking social" - Ottawa Business Journal

Our Social Responsibility.

2024 United Way Community Builder Award Recipient.

An award-winning platform that has been recognized for its commitment to giving back over $32,000 to local organizations supporting at-risk youths and those less fortunate in our community. Harnessing the power of our community we pool resources together and drive awareness and measurable impact.

Find your place in the business world.

A haven for high-achieving professionals like you. In today's competitive business landscape, it's not just about what you know, but also who you know.Interact with professionals from diverse industries, gaining valuable insights and expanding your horizons. Connect with like-minded individuals who can help you achieve your goals.

“I absolutely love the Randa Voo 5a7 . The location is always perfectly chosen, and set up for social mingling. The caliber of young professionals is outstanding. Every time I attend this event I make new connections and deepen my knowledge of our business community. This really is the premier networking event in Ottawa and Aaron does an incredible job hosting this event.” - Delia L

"Rändā vo͞o is the perfect place to unwind after work with great food, drinks and an informal network setting. I always look forward to great venues and exceptional conversations" - Kyleigh M

“Excellent évents, Amazing people, perfect food! What a sucessful recipe!” - Cédric L.


Ottawa's Premier Business Networking Event
Live. Work. Play.

Ottawa's Premier Business Networking Event

"A great after work social event to attend without the pressures of formalities of many Ottawa networking organizations and events, all the same, authentic and strong business connections are built in effortless fashion that brings you back time and time again" - Bethany S.

"Randavoo “Elevate Your After 5” events is a must. These are well curated networking socials with a no pressure approach to building on existing business connections or discovering new ones. The venue, theme, food & beverage selection is always on par with the professional pedigree of those attending." - David F.

"I attended my first RÄNDĀ VO͞O Business Network event last June, and I’ve been going ever since. The vibe at these events strikes the perfect balance for me: welcoming, professional without being stuffy, and always fun. I've gained direct business from these gatherings and made great friends in my professional network. If you haven’t joined yet, I highly recommend it!" Sylvana G

Intimate. Curated. Experiential.

RÄNDĀ VO͞O Prestige is an elevated branch of our popular RÄNDĀ VO͞O business networking socials. Join decision makers, executives, and the upper echelon of the business community from various industries for an evening of engaging conversations, premium hospitality appointments, and a collective of respected and esteemed business peers in the community.


RÄNDĀ VO͞O Prestige | Business. Bubbles. Seafood.

RÄNDĀ VO͞O Prestige | Business. Bubbles. Seafood.
A premier education platform delivering dynamic, engaging, and success-class learning experiences for high-achieving professionals.

Great minds
learn together.

MÄVVĪN CLASS (ma-ven) is a premier education platform delivering dynamic, engaging, and success-class learning experiences for high-achieving professionals."High impact in-person micro learning sprints & Signature RÄNDĀ VO͞O Business Networking experience"

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”